Relaxation and being active lets you recover from stress and contribute to optimal development.

Our canoe trip is wonderfully beautiful, a small adventure and an optimal experience of Swedish nature. We will take you to the river with a tractor and cart. From the river you canoe slowly back to the campsite. You experience Sweden so differently from the water and you feel surrounded by beautiful nature. Explore the beaver burrows and maybe even spot a moose drinking.

There are grill places along the way, so bring a picnic bag.

The journey takes an average of 3 hours.


Rent Canadian canoe/2 pers. kayak: 175 sek per hour | 250 sek for 4 hours | 350 sek for whole day

Rent 1 pers. kayak: 150 sek per hour | 225 sek for 4 hours | 325 sek for all day

Walking trails

On marked and unmarked trails, you can walk endlessly around the campsite. Upon arrival you will receive a guide with beautiful marked walking trails around Gräsmark.

Fishing on the lake

Rent a boat from our campsite to enjoy a relaxing fishing trip on the nearby lake!


From the campsite you set out with our inspiring bushcrafter Jeroen.

There is so much to learn about Swedish nature and Jeroen can tell and especially show you that like no other.

Together with Jeroen you will make natural shelters, campfire, filter drinking water, look for traces and much more.

Jeroen gives tailor-made Bushcraft and the journey continues with groups of 4 to 5 people.

*Children up to 12 years

*From 12 years to 16


Spotting wildlife

In the woods around our campsite you may encounter mooses, wolves, wolverines, foxes  and even bears. The moose sometimes even walks across our campsite. Get out early in the morning and try to quietly spot the animals. In the river and the lake you can find beaver burrows and in the late evening you can go on a beaver safari by canoe.